Privacy Policy

Field to Market is strongly committed to your right to privacy and will only use your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Field to Market collects personal information and details about your operational decisions in order to provide you with customized services, calculate your results, and allow the creation and maintenance of a “User Account” to store your information for your own future use and review. Your email address will not be shared with any third party without your express permission.

Whether using the Fieldprint Calculator as a guest or creating a username and password to save your information, your individual personal information, production information, and results are for your use only and are not shared with any third party unless you specifically agree to a data-sharing option. When you sign-in as a guest, your data is deleted once you exit the Calculator; if you save your data, it is stored for your future use on one or more servers maintained by Field to Market and/or its service providers. Basic site usage data – including the number of users and their geographic location (by state) is reported to Field to Market and may be used and shared by Field to Market to track Fieldprint Calculator use and for other purposes. Aggregate level production information and overall results (such as information regarding management practices and results by crop type and county) may be collected and reported to Field to Market. Such aggregate level information will not identify individual farm operations or results and may be used and shared by Field to Market to improve and develop sustainability assessment tools and to promote the understanding and adoption of sustainability. Individual personal and production information, including specific farm location, management practices, and Fieldprint results, is not reported and will not be used or shared. Field to Market endeavors to maintain information collected through the Fieldprint Calculator (including this website) in a secure manner. However, information transmitted via the Internet and/or stored on systems connected to the Internet is not 100% secure. As a result, notwithstanding anything else contained in this Privacy Policy, Field to Market does not ensure, warrant or guarantee the security or integrity of such information.

*Note: Any use of your data by a third party requires you to “opt-in” and agree to the terms of this usage. If you provide a pilot key for participation in a case study or pilot, you are agreeing to the privacy policy set forth by the pilot sponsor. (Please check with your pilot sponsor for details). Once you have authorized data-sharing by entering a pilot key, Field to Market is not responsible for the use of your data by the sponsor of that pilot.